We say "No".

Budweiser Budvar Case Study

Often, what we stand against defines us better than what we stand for. Our 2012 campaign showcased this powerful truth through stories of inspiring people that had the courage to say no.

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Watch out for the train!

Kooperativa Case Study

How do you break through the clutter and create brand goodwill? By finding an innovative medium - in this case a Garmin car navigation. We have enriched its database with the 100 most dangerous railroad crossings in Czech Republic, and added witty spoken messages as you were nearing one.

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Spun from kofolove.

Kofola Case Study

Loveable Kofolasek doll created for our Kofola image film has taken a life of its own in this hugely popular integrated campaign.

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What would you do if our team won?

Budweiser Budvar Case Study

At the eve of the 2011 World Hockey Championship, the brand dared the fans with a simple challenge: What will you do if the Czech team wins?  The response has been overwhelming.

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Two agency founders (Robert Peňažka & Zdenek Kašpar) decide that the market (dominated thus far by large network agencies) is ripe for an independent agency that can compete with the best. KASPEN is conceived with three simple principles in mind: creativity rooted in great strategic thinking, focus on challenger brands, and performance-based remuneration.

KASPEN opens its doors on January 2, 2002. Maxxium Czech becomes the first client with their brands Metaxa, and later Jagermeister and Killbegan. Other small clients follow.

This is the breakthrough year. In January, we win the Kofola account, our first big new business win. In April, we score big again with Budweiser Budvar. During fall, we come out victorious in the pitch of the year, snatching the Oskar mobile operator ATL business. And in December, our Kofola “Golden Piglet” Xmas TVC debuts to become one of the most iconic pieces of Czech advertising.

Agency doubles in size to absorb growing new business workload. Our relaunch campaign for Oskar garners publicity and buzz. KASPEN is named Rookie of the Year in the annual Agency of the Year awards.

Slavo Marušinec joins the agency. Our reputation as the creative hot shop is confirmed - we are now officially the most creative agency on the market, as voted by clients in the annual Strategie industry magazine poll. The popular Bob&Dave campaign for Budweiser Budvar is in full swing.

Lester Tullett joins the agency, but otherwise 2006 is a tough year. The Oskar/Vodafone account represents a very unhealthy 54% of our business, and it is eating us alive. Ultimately, we resign the account and downsize dramatically, ending the year with zero profit.

We start rebuilding the agency, winning the Kooperativa account. We pitch everything that moves. Robert decides to leave the agency.

After tumultuous couple of years, we are back on the ball. We create the popular Kofolasci summer campaign for Kofola, and help relaunch Eta, the traditional Czech domestic appliance brand. In October, we receive a Grand Prix at the Golden Drum Festival with our film for Matusalem Rum. Guys from Jung von Matt see us as the best independent agency on the market and approach us to discuss possible cooperation.

Big year for us. We go international, opening an office in Bratislava to better support our clients’ activities in the Slovak market and quickly pick up some local business as well. We also discover that the Jung von Matt guys are really nice people and we feel they would make a great partner for us in taking the agency to another level. In the summer, Jung von Matt becomes a minority shareholder in Kaspen/Jung von Matt. The agency grows steadily, with CSOB bank and Hyundai joining our client list.

We move into our new offices in Truhlarska, Praha 1. For the first time, we break into the top 3 in the Agency of the Year rankings. We establish a digital unit and make digital competence the highest priority in the agency in order to adapt to a rapidly changing media landscape.

We celebrate our tenth anniversary feeling better than ever. People and clients have come and gone, but the agency spirit and values have stayed the same. We still passionately believe in advertising and its ability to change brand’s fortunes. We also believe that advertising matters, in the same way that design or architecture matters. Advertising today is a ubiquitous part of our world and culture, powerful enough to shape opinions, create movements, provoke and inspire. The media landscape might be changing but the power of communication will always remain.

We enter our second decade with a bang. IKEA, one of our dream clients, awards us their business for Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. Besides IKEA, we also manage to win Billa and Tchibo account and from a business perspective we have our best year so far.

We enter into 2013 in high spirits winning 13 awards at Art Directors Club Creative Awards as well as being voted Agency of the Year for a second time. On the new business front we secure the Tchibo account and manage to win Volkswagen and the launch of the first Czech multi-brand loyalty program iBod. We are also invited by Škoda to our first global creative pitch.

The market situation forced us to optimise the agency structure and minimise our Bratislava operation. We used the slower business period to pitch, pitch and pitch. By the end of the year we managed to secure two major accounts: Yellow Energy and Makro/Metro. Our unique applied research of average czech Obejvak is re-released with current update.

The agency situation was stabilised and work for accounts won in the previous year and purely marketing consultancy clients helped us to grow again. Our campaign for Budweiser Budvar Dark became one of the most awarded works of the year on the Czech market.


Philosophy & Principles.

Best campaigns are little revolutions. The best ideas are like trojan horses.

Our Principles:

We love ideas.

We fight for quality.

We are more critical of ourselves than of others.

We communicate at eye level.

We act and consult independently.

We remain dissatisfied.


  • Zdeněk Kašpar Partner
  • Slavo Marušinec Managing Partner
  • Lester Tullett Creative Director
  • David Sadílek Director of Finance & Operations



Truhlářská 20, 110 00, Prague 1
Czech Repubic
T +420 296 327 000
GDPR: Směrnice Legal Notice

Kaspen/Jung von Matt a.s.

Residence: Myslíkova 2020/4, Praha 2, Nové Město, CZ
IČO: 26494850
DIČO: CZ26494850

společnost je evidovaná v Obchodním rejstříku vedeném Městským soudem v Praze, oddíl B, vložka 7427

Statutární orgány:

Zdeněk Kašpar, předseda představenstva
Slavo Marušinec, místopředseda představenstva
Michael Dominik Fassl, člen představenstva

Za společnost jedná předseda představenstva společnosti a místopředseda představenstva společnosti samostatně. Každý jiný člen představenstva, odlišný od předsedy představenstva nebo místopředsedy představenstva, může jednat za společnost pouze společně s dalším členem představenstva.

Poštovní adresa:

Truhlářská 20, Praha 1, 110 00, CZ

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Bankovní spojení:

oznámené správci daně za účelem zveřejnění způsobem umožňujícím dálkový přístup dle par. 96 odst. 2. zákona 235/2004 sbírky:

5007571001 / 2600
IBAN CZ35 2600 0000 0050 0757 1001

5009930004 / 2600
IBAN CZ64 2600 0000 0050 0993 0004

8900203846 / 2600
IBAN CZ43 2600 0000 0089 0020 3846


Citibank Europe plc, Bucharova 2641/14, Praha 5, Stodůlky, 158 02, CZ



Kontaktní email:



Mestská 7, 831 03 Bratislava
Slovak Repubic
T +421 903 272 212
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